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  • Safe Tourism GoTürkiye

    Safe Tourism is an application certifying the safe tourism concept covering the whole course of travel of our domestic/foreign guests from their arrival at any airport in Türkiye until their return home/departure from our country. All our guests will be able to travel comfortably and safely with Safe Tourism which has been prepared in accordance with general instructions and guidelines published by ministries following intensive collaborative work. 

    guest health & safety

    Our guests will be greeted at airports by authorized personnel wearing protective gear such as masks, gloves, face visors, and goggles. Guests without face masks will not be allowed inside the airports and masks will be provided.

    COVID-19 tourist protection
    and support insurance

    For a safer and more relaxed holiday in Türkiye, a tourism center with a long history, breathtaking nature, and inspiring culture, the Republic of Türkiye offers you the Tourist Protection and Support Insurance with COVID-19 coverage.

    measures taken at
    tourist facilities

    Our guests will have access to tourist facilities after they go through temperature screening. All areas within the facility will be disinfected regularly. The ventilation systems will also be checked regularly.

    measures taken in transportation vehicles

    All transportation vehicles will be regularly sterilized and disinfected; the seating plan will be arranged to maintain social distancing guidelines.

    employees health
    and safety

    All staff will go through pre-shift screening for symptoms before they enter the airport facilities. Thermal cameras and non-contact thermometers will be used for screening.

    what is the scope of
    safe tourism?

    Safe Tourism Program includes accommodation facilities, restaurant and cafes, tour and transfer vehicles, marine tourism facilities and vehicles, culture, art and congress facilities, ski lift facilities and theme parks.

    how can i find safe
    tourism certified facilities?

    You can find Safe Tourism-certified facilities on the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency's (TGA) website.

    faqs about safe

    The Safe Tourism Program is a practice initiated in June 2020 certifying tourist facilities’ compliance with international hygiene measures against the COVID-19 pandemic in order to present a safe travel experience to all our guests.