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  • what is the scope of
    safe tourism?

    Safe Tourism is mandatory for accommodation facilities with more than 30 rooms since 01.01.2021 and optional for accommodation facilities with less than 30 rooms as well as restaurants/cafés, tour transfer vehicles, sea tourism, arts & culture, congress facilities, ski lifts and theme parks.

    The Safe Tourism Program applies to all cities in Türkiye and particularly the most popular tourist destinations including İstanbul, Mugla, İzmir, Antalya, and Nevsehir. The program is actively conducted for our guests to explore the most beautiful destinations in Türkiye with peace of mind. The main objectives of the program are to ensure continuous application of hygiene measures and to control the facilities where our guests expect to spend their holidays. The Safe Tourism-certified facilities are granted 2D codes with a logo. The Safe Tourism logo is placed in the transfer vehicles, the lobby of the accommodation facility, the facility’s elevators, the open buffet, and the activity spaces for the guests to be able to see easily upon their arrival at the airport. The Safe Tourism logo follows our guests all through their travels.