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  • measures taken at
    tourist facilities

    Our guests will have access to tourist facilities after they go through temperature screening.

    All areas within the facility will be disinfected regularly. The ventilation systems will also be checked regularly.

    Disinfectants and hand sanitizers will be placed throughout the facility for our guests’ use.

    Social distancing rules will be applied in all common areas including swimming pools, meeting rooms, animations & recreational areas, and foyers. The facility will adhere strictly to reduced occupancy and guest capacity guidelines.

    Inside the guest rooms, disposable sanitary equipment will be available. All equipment will be disinfected after the guests’ check-out.

    There will be glass separators between the food and the guests at open buffets. The waitstaff will serve the food requested by the guests as part of preventative measures.

    In the kitchens, only the equipment that can be disinfected will be used. Disposable and packaged cutlery and seasonings will be available for guests at their table.